Pokemon Error Card Grading (What Does PSA Recognize?)

Pokemon Error Card Grading (What Does PSA Recognize?)

PSA recently announced they will be recognizing more Pokemon error cards. 

This is great news for collectors, opening up more opportunities for these rare error cards to be recognized.

One of the biggest new errors to be recognized is the 1999 Base Set Charizard Black Dot Error. The base set Zard is the most iconic English set card and this recognition gives collectors a further chase. Identifiable by the black dot at the bottom of the card in the copyright text (specifically on Nintendo), this is easy to identify when you know where to look. Check your binders and base set Zards and see if you have this one!

Up next is a unique scratch error card impacting the Pinsir Holo from 1st Edition Jungle. Look for the "scratch" to be right above the 1st Edition symbol. 

Another unique error from early WOTC Pokemon is the Hitmonlee "Stain Error" from 1st Edition Fossil. This is one you will know you have once you see it....


Of course there have been long identified Pokemon error cards that have been recognized by PSA for years. One of the most iconic is the Blastoise Stage Error. 

The error version is on the left circled in red - the text is simply missing the words "Stage 1 card", making this the PSA-recognized Stage Error Blastoise. 


One more to look out for actually impacts one of the most popular Pokemon cards of all time - the Ancient Mew. 

The "Nintedo" Error is identifiable at the bottom of the card in the copyright where Nintendo was misspelled. This wasn't corrected right away so there are a lot of these floating around. Check your binders to see which version you have. 






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